CISO’s y Consejeros se van a reunir a menudo

Los CISO's y los Consejeros se van a reunir a menudo. O al menos esto es lo que se desprende de las últimas directivas del "Securities and Exchange Commission" de EEUU. La SEC quiere que los Consejeros tengan un conocimiento de qué es la Ciber-seguridad, especialmente en términos de concienciación. Es decir, no es que… Continue reading CISO’s y Consejeros se van a reunir a menudo

“Veni, vidi, vici”: Covid19 (Part 2)

The variables that most influence the evolution of Covid19 seem to be its transmission speed, and the protection and/or containment measures that allow this speed to be reduced. On this basis, I propose my estimates for the future. If the management of the remainder of the pandemic is correct, I would consider it a "minor" evil to have in Spain an impact on the GDP of 13%, a peak of net infections of 350,000 people, and, unfortunately, the number of deaths above 44,000.

How much is a human life worth? (Covid19-Part 1)

The Economic Value of Human Life and the economic impact of Covid19 deaths in GDP: an estimate. We introduce the EVHL (Economic Value of Human Life) as the value of its future income contribution to the national GDP. We use this EVHL to put a number into the GDP impact of potential Covid19 deceased people. At no time have we introduced an ethical or moral component. We believe that the decision-makers need to have all possible angles from which to look at this pandemic and take the best possible decisions.

South Summit 2018 Madrid: the most important in the world

The "South Summit" is the most important entrepreneurship and start-ups event in the world. This is how the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, has revealed, as commented to him by the President of the Davos Forum, Klaus Schwab. South Summit 2018 held in Madrid in recent days and closed today has brought together more than 650 investors with an investment potential under management of more than $34 billion. The object of desire has been more than 3,500 startups of which 100 were selected and which have been able to raise about 1,400 million dollars.

4th Industrial Revolution – Blockchain Explained

  Here you can find some teaching materials (videos, pdf, ppt, etc.) that I included in a master class prepared to explain the key elements of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Quantum Computers, 5G, AI, IoT, Cyber-Security, and Blockchain). Special focus on the Blockchain technology, its basics and its possible business applications to an MBA /… Continue reading 4th Industrial Revolution – Blockchain Explained