4th Industrial Revolution – Blockchain Explained

  Here you can find some teaching materials (videos, pdf, ppt, etc.) that I included in a master class prepared to explain the key elements of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Quantum Computers, 5G, AI, IoT, Cyber-Security, and Blockchain). Special focus on the Blockchain technology, its basics and its possible business applications to an MBA /… Continue reading 4th Industrial Revolution – Blockchain Explained

Cyber-Security in 2018: The main threats

What do we have to worry about in 2018? I would focus on Data Theft and Cyber-Physical Attacks. It is not a random choice. Cyber-attacks are for a reason. Analyzing them to understand these reasons helps us to predict the nature of the attacks. The international situation, technological trends or the fight for power based on religious, ethnic or cultural grounds are amongst the main causes.

Cyber-Seguridad en 2018: Las principales amenazas

Robo de Datos y Cyber-Ataques Físicos. En cyber-seguridad, como en la vida, prevenir es curar. La última epidemia de gripe en España ha puesto de manifiesto que una vacuna a tiempo puede evitarnos molestias en nuestra vida normal o algo más grave. La cyber-seguridad no es substancialmente distinta. En ambos casos, hablamos de sus virus y sus muchas consecuencias.

The Salazar case. Who leaked the information? (Part 2)

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge” Stephen Hawking. “It was Isabel” said Manuel. “How could that be possible?” replied Gregorio in surprise. “Do you mean that you're not surprised or how did she do it?” asked Manuel. “I suppose both” confessed Gregorio Salazar preparing himself for the… Continue reading The Salazar case. Who leaked the information? (Part 2)

El Caso Salazar, ¿quién filtró la información? (2ª Parte)

“El mayor enemigo del conocimiento no es la ignorancia, sino la ilusión del conocimiento” Stephen Hawking “Ha sido Isabel” le suelta Manuel. “¿Cómo?” le contesta con cara de sorpresa Gregorio. “¿Te refieres a que no te lo esperabas o a cómo lo ha hecho?” le pregunta Manuel. “La verdad, ambas” le confiesa Gregorio Salazar preparándose… Continue reading El Caso Salazar, ¿quién filtró la información? (2ª Parte)