4th Industrial Revolution – Blockchain Explained


Here you can find some teaching materials (videos, pdf, ppt, etc.) that I included in a master class prepared to explain the key elements of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Quantum Computers, 5G, AI, IoT, Cyber-Security, and Blockchain). Special focus on the Blockchain technology, its basics and its possible business applications to an MBA / Executive type of audience.

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This presentation has been the media support of a master class in an international business program (M.B.A.).

  • PDF of the presentation including links to videos and sources:

  •        Video presentation of the master-class:

There are two versions, one to be seen efficiently in an smartphone or similar. The other is a higher quality (and bigger size) compatible to be seen in a bigger screen.

  • Smartphone friendly video-presentation:


  • Bigger Screen video-presentation:


PPT version

If you want a ppt version of this presentation for educational purposes, feel free to contact me at:


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Special thanks and credit to the following sources:

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