“Veni, vidi, vici”: Covid19 (Part 2)

The variables that most influence the evolution of Covid19 seem to be its transmission speed, and the protection and/or containment measures that allow this speed to be reduced. On this basis, I propose my estimates for the future. If the management of the remainder of the pandemic is correct, I would consider it a "minor" evil to have in Spain an impact on the GDP of 13%, a peak of net infections of 350,000 people, and, unfortunately, the number of deaths above 44,000.

How much is a human life worth? (Covid19-Part 1)

The Economic Value of Human Life and the economic impact of Covid19 deaths in GDP: an estimate. We introduce the EVHL (Economic Value of Human Life) as the value of its future income contribution to the national GDP. We use this EVHL to put a number into the GDP impact of potential Covid19 deceased people. At no time have we introduced an ethical or moral component. We believe that the decision-makers need to have all possible angles from which to look at this pandemic and take the best possible decisions.