Join this top seminar on #cybersecurity #crisismanagement

Today’s organizations and their executives cannot face a cyber crisis only from a technical point of view. You have to know how to react from many different angles, including technical and legal implications, compliance with regulators, exchange of information with the media, or interactions with investors and customers.

Within the framework of the Master in Banking and Financial_Regulation executive education, the University of Navarra in Madrid is launching a pioneering seminar on Crisis Management in Cybersecurity.

This seminar brings together a unique combination of leading experts and experienced cybersecurity professionals in the fields of technology, policy, law, regulation and more. Top-qualified experts from Tel Aviv University will also share their experience with you, including 16 teaching hours over the 23rd-24th October at the prestigious Campus of the University of Navarra in Madrid.

Cybersecurity-Cyber Crisis Management Program: Cybersecurity-Cyber Crisis Management

At the end of this seminar, you should be able to create the basis of your own cybersecurity crisis management protocol for your own organization.

Limited places. More information, please fill in the following link:

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